Culver UPSA 2013

The Utility Public Safety Alliance (UPSA) is the leading association of utility professionals dedicated to creating a culture of electrical and natural gas safety and incident prevention.

UPSA held its annual meeting June 4–7, 2013, in San Francisco, California. Attendees included UPSA members and industry leaders looking to bolster their public safety efforts amidst mounting pressures from customers, regulators, and insurers.

On June 6, Culver Company Principal Brennan Culver spoke about “How to Win in Public Safety.Culver, the Principal and lead strategist at Culver Company, focused upon public safety, effective outreach, accident prevention, and methods for sharply reducing serious accidents and public fatalities. Click here to download a PDF of the presentation or watch the video presentation from the meeting (on right).

Culver Company has over 30 years of experience partnering with utility companies. Culver’s strategic approach benefits our partners as they embrace a culture of accident prevention. Its proven approach towards sustained, effective outreach programs has resulted in positive measureable results for utilities across the industry.

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UPSA 2013 Presentation

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