Natural Gas Safety World: Student Worksheet #3

Gas Pipeline Safety

Name: __________________________ Date: ________

  1. Why is it important to call your Utility Locator Service before starting a major digging project?   
  2. List five signs of an outdoor gas pipeline leak.     
  3. List two things you should do and two things you should not do if you suspect an outdoor gas pipeline leak.  
  4. If you see a colored flag stuck in the ground while you are out playing, you should
    a) call your utility to report it         c) leave it alone
    b) use it in your play                     d) take it inside to show your parents
  5. Which of the following is unsafe to do to your home’s gas meter?
    a) climb on it                                c) cover it with a tarp
    b) tie your pet’s leash to it            d) all of the above
  6. Choose a natural gas safety tip. Make a poster that explains this tip to display at home or in your classroom.    
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