Electrical Safety World: Student Worksheet #4                 

Tree & Power Line Safety

Name: __________________________ Date: ________

  1. What are two problems that could happen if a tree branch touches a high-voltage power line?   
  2. True or False: Even if they are not sparking or humming, fallen power lines can kill you if you touch them or the ground nearby.  
  3. Why is it important to call the underground utility locator service before planting a tree or doing other types of deep digging?

  4. True or False: Anyone can trim trees near high-voltage power lines if they get the local electric utility’s permission first.  
  5. If your kite gets caught in a tree near a power line, why is it dangerous to try to get it down?

  6. If you are going to plant a tree, how far away from high-voltage power lines should you dig the hole?
    a) 10 feet away 
    b) far enough so when the tree is fully grown, it will be 10 feet away from the lines
    c) 5 feet away
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