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For Teachers > Experiment and Activity Tips > What Energy Sources Do You Use?
Energy Efficiency World
What Energy Sources Do You Use?

Download Teacher's Guide This activity appears in the section “Learn About Energy.” This activity asks students to list energy-using items they use at home, and the energy sources that power these items.

Students’ lists should look something like the first two columns below. (The third column is optional for more advanced students who wish to record the forms of energy that apply to each energy source on their list.)

Energy-Using Item Energy Source Forms of Energy
Example: space heater electricity electrical, radiant
Example: fireplace wood or natural gas chemical, radiant

Students may include items like bikes or skateboards that require human energy to go. This is a good opportunity to discuss how people need food energy for physical activity, growth, healing, thinking, and so on—making food the most important energy source on the planet!

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