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Welcome to Energy Efficiency World!

The energy use habits that children develop when they are young will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Teaching your children to use energy wisely can have a positive impact on your family’s finances, our nation’s energy costs, and the health of our planet—now and in the future.

Energy Efficiency World teaches children in grades 3 through 7 how to use energy efficiently at home and at school. The website engages a child’s imagination with interactive games, fun experiments, and hands-on activities, so that kids learn how to prevent energy waste and use it responsibly. The site also enhances children’s science education with standards-based learning.

Children’s interactive learning experience on this site can be amplified with parental guidance. Please explore the following with your child:

  • Save Energy at Home—This page includes tips that children can do themselves to save energy, each with a “Family Connection” tip for kids to share with their parents.
  • Home Energy Inspection—A checklist to assess your family’s energy habits and find new ways to save.
  • Fun Tests—Two hands-on activities to check for shower efficiency and drafts.
  • Energy Saver Calculator—Enter your cost per kilowatt-hour and find out how much you might save from some simple no-cost and low-cost measures.
  • Pocket Your Energy Savings—Make a family commitment to save energy for three months and then calculate how much money you’ve actually saved.

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