RP 1162 Programs and Services

Industry best practices dictate that effective pipeline public awareness programs should save lives and reduce accidents, mitigate litigation, protect shareholder value, and build brand recognition. Culver’s turnkey approach ensures that your program will accomplish these goals.







We provide expert help at every step


  • Determine info needed for each stakeholder group
  • Determine language(s) for each stakeholder group
  • Determine info needed for each type of pipeline
  • Identify proven materials that will get read and used
  • Match educational materials to each stakeholder and pipeline
  • Assess existing materials and programs

Planning and execution

  • Plan outreach campaigns to all stakeholders
  • Design, produce, and implement outreach efforts to affected publics
  • Purchase mailing lists and manage print materials ordering, online materials, and fulfillment


  • Measure pre-campaign awareness
  • Measure post-campaign awareness and the number and consequence of incidents


  • Track and document all outreach efforts in full
  • Produce reports/evidence for agency inquiry
  • Provide web-based data tracking and metrics that are accessible to internal stakeholders

We provide comprehensive program documentation via a website that includes a complete list of mail recipients, samples of print and electronic mailings, and program results that you can access at any time.