RP 1162 Compliance

Create Awareness and Reduce Pipeline Accidents

The American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice 1162 (RP 1162) requires natural gas pipeline operators to perform public awareness of pipelines in order to reduce pipeline accidents. Accordingly, natural gas utilities must comply and develop distinctive pipeline public awareness programs (PPAP) around their infrastructure aimed at specific audiences within the communities served. What’s more, these efforts are required to be documented, evaluated, and regularly upgraded by operators.

Reach Key Audiences with the Right Message

The cornerstone of compliance is the educational material designed to reach and affect key audiences. Developing the right language, communicating the right message, and utilizing the right media to help audiences engage, comprehend, and recall information, are all vitally important to the success of PPAPs or any outreach effort.

Take a Comprehensive Approach to Make a Difference

Culver Company has produced effective educational and training materials for over 30 years—drawing upon specific disciplines, like instructional and user experience design, and other educational, training, and marketing principles, as well as solid industry research and experience.  This comprehensive approach helps ensure that you address key natural gas messages, use audience-appropriate language, and reference content that works in conjunction with visuals and various media. What’s more, since the enactment of RP 1162 we've worked with regulators, risk managers, and insurers to make certain our content exceeds standards and stands up to scrutiny.

Identify and Reach All Key Audiences

In addition to developing specific content, operators must also identify all pipelines to be included in the program and then determine related stakeholder audiences. Culver Company’s Strategic Services Group utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and collaborates with you to identify all of your natural gas assets. And, when it comes to identifying stakeholder audiences, our Strategic Services Group boasts the most comprehensive list building methodology in the industry—utilizing multiple data sources, exhaustive verification techniques, and other validation tools to ensure that we identify and reach all of key stakeholders.

Create a Sustainable, Prevention-based Pipeline Public Awareness Program

Compliance doesn’t end when the information is distributed to stakeholders. It is equally important to evaluate the effectiveness of your outreach programs. Culver Company outreach programs are engineered with an evaluation plan and assessment tools in place at the onset of your program. This allows us to monitor and record data throughout every phase and ultimately to measure the impacts of program participation, knowledge retention, and changes in behavior. Our data collection, analysis and reporting help shape a continuous improvement program not merely for compliance sake but to help you create an effective, sustainable, prevention-based, public safety outreach program.

For more information on how we can help you meet and exceed RP 1162 compliance, contact us today at strategicservices@culverco.com.