Project Management

Ensure Project Success

Today’s utility industry professionals face a multitude of projects with varying durations and complexities. These projects all require orchestration with increasing precision in order to meet organizational goals, market opportunities, and regulatory requirements.

With more demands on your time and resources, how do you give your public outreach projects the attention they require? How do you make sure they stay on track and on budget? How do you obtain important data and communicate it effectively to management? How do you ensure success?

Tap into Experienced Project Management

When you entrust your projects to Culver Company, you tap into an experienced project management team. Our multidisciplinary team works to manage the entire process from development and planning to execution, monitoring, and completion. We begin by scoping your project in detail and providing comprehensive proposals and timelines. Then, upon project initiation, we diligently manage costs, resources, quality, and any challenges that may arise in order to guarantee project success.

Access Valuable Tools and Services

At the onset of a project, it’s important to establish key project milestones, schedule reviews, and formalize regular reports so that you can properly inform your management team and effectively communicate with all of your stakeholders. At Culver Company, you stay informed every step of the way with essential reporting features including liaison services, electronic dashboards, 24/7 reporting websites, and dedicated account management.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Outside project teams must act as an extension of your organization, and work seamlessly with your systems, in order to optimize efficiency and ensure responsiveness. They must add value beyond limits of the project. At Culver Company, we build environments that mesh with yours, and each project concludes with a comprehensive summary that includes support data, analysis, and recommendations for continuous improvement. We aim to exceed your expectations and provide results that offer your organization a competitive advantage.