Target Specific Audiences

Utilities are dedicated to educating the communities they serve

Education succeeds when each audience adopts new behaviors to prevent accidents and prevent the waste of natural resources.

Our research shows that public outreach effectiveness increases when education is tailored to the situation and learning style of each audience.



Students, parents, and teachers

Due to the special partnership that utilities have had for decades with local schools, classrooms are a critical hub for energy and safety education.

The content in Culver Company’s educational materials and programs for students is carefully designed to contain what your teachers require, to appeal to kids, and to engage parents and families with related learning activities at home.






Third-party contractors

The most common source of damage and accidents for utilities is third-party contractors working in their service areas.

Our data shows different response rates and training preferences among small contractor companies (the majority of all companies) compared to large companies.

This is just one factor that shapes the creation of our large selection of contractor programs and materials.

We can help you get contractors to pay attention. Culver Company has more experience delivering utility-specific safety messages to at-risk contractors than any other company.

Emergency responders (police, medical, fire)

Three out of four of the one million firefighters in the U.S. are volunteers. As such, they may have infrequent access to formal, in-depth training by professional safety trainers.

We interview utility experts, industry experts, trainers, and first responders to ensure that our rigorous safety materials deliver the utility-branded materials that first responders trust when their lives are at stake.

Your internal stakeholders

Management, peers in other departments, shareholders, and regulators are some of the audiences that can provide critical support (or resistance) to your public outreach efforts.

We can arm you with the information to help you champion your important program and give you ideas that have worked for people in your position at other utilities.

You know that public education is the right thing to do. At Culver Company, we help you find fresh ways to deliver that message persuasively and ensure your program’s continued success.