Save Lives, Prevent Accidents

Safety is a core value at every utility

Electricity and natural gas provide amazing benefits and critical services that everybody relies on.

Electricity and natural gas are also inherently dangerous.

It’s imperative to make every effort to ensure that customers and at-risk workers know how to stay safe, even as utility public safety managers face reductions in staff and budgets at many utilities.

Employ industry best practices

We’ll help you create and manage a formal plan that helps focus your outreach efforts on issues that matter most.

These steps will support your management's objectives, create a culture of prevention, and demonstrate your program’s effectiveness to others:

  • Strategic plan
  • Documentation
  • Learning and improvement
  • Sharing with stakeholders

Target your at-risk audiences

Culver Company can help you identify and reach school teachers, third-party contractors, emergency responders, and other audiences in your service area.

We’ll ensure that your program establishes a clear good-faith effort that meets industry benchmarks.

Nobody does more utility public safety outreach than Culver. Let us help you.