Provide Energy Education

Show how energy use affects the environment

Regulators are requiring utilities to invest in renewable energy. The cost of new generation makes conservation a smart choice. And utilities are increasing the visibility of environmental stewardship.

Yet even today, too few customers are aware of the energy they waste and the negative environmental impact of some of their energy use habits.

Use public outreach to teach wise energy use

When people understand where energy comes from and how energy choices affect the environment—and their energy bills—they’re more likely to stop taking energy for granted and start taking control of their energy consumption.

Educate more people with fewer resources

We use a combination of new online technologies and traditional offline materials in working with utility corporate communications and public affairs managers who need to reach more consumers about energy.

For energy education, Culver Company specializes in helping utilities reach more families through classroom outreach programs that educate students who bring materials, activities, and energy tips home.

We’ll serve as your dedicated, expert staff and provide metrics to demonstrate your results. Contact us to see examples of what we’ve done for utilities like yours.