Measure Your Outreach Results

We are moving from a company that deals in electrons to one that deals in data.”

–Anne Pramaggiore, President and Chief Operating Officer of Commonwealth Edison, January, 2011

Utility public outreach managers we work with are typically asked to document their efforts for a range of stakeholders: management, regulators, legal counsel, and insurance auditors.

The key is to find the best ways to measure success

  • At one investor-owned utility, our metrics led to their excess insurance carrier reducing the utility’s payments.
  • At another utility, data we helped generate was so solid, it led to a plaintiff’s attorney ending his deposition early.
  • At many utilities, we’ve helped outreach managers present data that enabled them to keep their current budget or even gain an increase. 

Metrics shed light on new solutions to old problems

We help utilities generate data from their outreach programs that gives stakeholders a clearer view of the true contributions made by public safety programs.

This leads to exciting ideas for continuous improvement.

Success comes from our years of working with utilities to identify and test concrete metrics. Such data is far more persuasive than traditional estimates of accidents prevented or energy saved as the direct result of an outreach program.

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