Educate Students

Your future customers and employees

When students learn how to conserve energy and water, and how to prevent electrical and natural gas accidents, they build habits to last a lifetime.

The immediate impacts are positive, and over the long term, potentially huge.

And students are in a critical position to model good habits at home with their families (your customers), at school, and with friends.


Connect with teachers to reach students and parents

Utility messages about safety and natural resources align well with the classroom environment and teachers’ curriculum requirements.

Culver’s materials and programs incorporate the things teachers look for when they evaluate potential classroom materials, as well as things that engage students so they learn. Parents are included through at-home activities and websites.

Reach more classrooms with integrated web and print materials

Culver Company’s extensive experience with school programs for utilities gives you access to best practices, rigorously tested materials, and real measurements that show what works and what doesn’t.

Contact us to see examples of the latest innovative approaches connecting utilities to more teachers, parents, and students.