Culver Company to Address the Strategic Advantages of Public Safety Outreach at Annual UPSA Conference

San Francisco, CA – April 21, 2015 – As utility industry business models increasingly emphasize customer satisfaction, its leaders will learn about the related benefits of strategically integrated public safety outreach in a presentation by Culver Company at this year’s Utility Public Safety Alliance (UPSA) Meeting, May 5–6, 2015, at Arizona Public Service Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. In a presentation entitled, Public Safety Win-Win: When Utilities Take the Customers’ Viewpoint, Brennan Culver, principal and lead strategist, will share research from Culver’s public safety outreach programs and highlight the interrelationship between outreach programs and customer satisfaction, regulatory outcomes, as well as other business benefits.

According to Culver, “There’s no doubt that prevention-based public safety programs mitigate a utility’s risk, which in and of itself provides significant value to the business. But, many companies are also discovering that public safety outreach improves customer satisfaction scores significantly. And, industry studies show a positive relationship between customer satisfaction scores and regulatory outcomes—namely favorable rate increases.

“At this year’s UPSA conference, we will share findings from our public safety outreach programs across the country, along with data that reveals the positive impact on key audiences. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of integrating public safety programs into the business plan and the strategic advantages it offers to the rest of the enterprise. We look forward to presenting this information at UPSA and the productive dialogue that occurs each year,” concluded Culver.

The Utility Public Safety Alliance (UPSA) is the leading association of utility professionals dedicated to creating a culture of electrical and natural gas safety and incident prevention. Since 2000, utilities involved with UPSA have worked collaboratively to develop industry standards for promoting public safety among their customers. The goals of the organization include saving lives, preventing injuries, reducing costs, and enhancing reliability. Professionals involved with UPSA include utility public safety managers as well as those involved with legal, claims, risk management, damage prevention, and corporate communications.

About Culver Company

Culver Company, the market leader in utility public safety outreach, is a privately held company specializing in public safety issues, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, and other outreach initiatives for utility companies, including electrical safety, damage prevention, and RP 1162 pipeline public awareness. The consultancy has focused on utilities for over 30 years and works with electric, natural gas, and water utilities across the United States and internationally. Culver’s public safety outreach programs reach millions of at-risk students, educators, third-party contractors, and emergency responders each year. The company’s mission is to help create unique environments that help utilities educate and improve the communities they serve. For more information on Culver Company, please visit

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