Materials and Programs for the Web

Does your website demand ever more time and resources?

It can be overwhelming to stay on top of your website “to-do” list.

Coming up with new content is the most time-consuming part. The good news is that Culver Company has been publishing quality utility-specific educational content for decades, and we’ve been creating plenty of new web content, too.


Get help for small or large projects

Whether you need just a streaming video or a full soup-to-nuts overhaul of your public educational outreach web pages, let us help.

Our web and electronic offerings—covering safety, energy, and conservation education for your public—include:

  • Streaming videos
  • Games for kids
  • Articles and tips
  • Curriculum information for teachers
  • Teacher lesson guides
  • Pre-tests and post-tests for teacher assessment of student learning
  • Online presentations for third-party contractors and emergency responders
  • Surveys
  • Newsletter content and design
  • Eblast content and design
  • And much more—just ask

Get technical help, too

Many utilities have accumulated an assortment of educational pages on their websites over the years, but they don’t have the internal resources available to start over from scratch to integrate them.

If you need help reworking your existing materials to provide a cohesive and appealing destination—including all the backend IT setup and maintenance if you wish—we can help.

Our expertise makes the process faster, less painful, and more cost effective than doing it yourself in-house. Ask for details.