Insurance Audit Support

Support Insurance Claims and Audits, and Lower Premiums

All utilities take precautions and run safety programs. Unfortunately, accidents and property damage do occur and it’s important that you are covered by insurance. When you make a claim, the first thing your insurance company asks about is what you did to help prevent the incident.

Support Your Claim with a Response Team Armed with Data

When you partner with Culver Company for your safety outreach, our Strategic Services Group is there to provide total dedicated support during an insurance audit. At every phase of an outreach program, we diligently collect, maintain, and report all the critical data about your efforts. As a result, our response team is ready to quickly compile reports should an incident arise.

Access Data That Reflects Due Diligence and Best Practices

The comprehensive data supplied as part of a Culver Company outreach program not only supports your claim but also standard audits, exhibiting due diligence, best-practices, and exemplary behavior when it comes to safety. In fact, at one investor-owned utility, our metrics led their excess insurance carrier to reduce their payments.

Apply Metrics Backed by Work Across the Industry

We generate data from our outreach programs that gives all stakeholders a clearer view of the true contributions made by our public safety programs. Much of this success comes from our years of working with utilities to identify and test concrete metrics. Such data is far more persuasive than traditional estimates of accidents prevented. Our ongoing work with safety officers, risk managers, regulators, and insurers has led to solid safety programs providing critical information that help support low premiums and, when required, your insurance claims.

For further information about our public outreach programs and to discuss ways we can help support your insurance claims, audits, and premiums, contact us at