Data Collection

Capture Vital Data and Measure Success

As the old adage suggests, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Measurement is the only way you can gauge effectiveness, ensure a return on investment, and benchmark and improve your work. But, effective measurement is only possible through good data collection.

Data collection is inherent to every Culver Company outreach program. Our programs are designed to capitalize upon every customer touch point—from business reply mail and emails to Web forms and tele services—in order to capture every piece of vital information. The resultant data is essential to measuring success and supporting your ongoing efforts.

In addition to built-in, program-related data collection, our Strategic Services Group and its partners offer advanced data collection and research services that include surveys and questionnaires, focus and user groups, and effectiveness studies. Our specialized research services support your program with data that proves effectiveness, exceeds regulatory obligations, mitigates risk, upholds your rate case, and enhances your overall business plan.