Crane Contacts Reduced from 8 to 0

Use regulations to your advantage

New regulations, like the OSHA Cranes and Derricks in Construction rule, can be leveraged to make your third-party contractors safer.

The process to successfully reverse a trend of crane incidents described in this downloadable PDF brochure, A Utility Reduced Crane Contacts from 8 to 0 in a Year, is the same model used for successful regulation enforcement.

Gain multiple benefits and metrics from a well-designed outreach program

When designed correctly, many objectives are achieved with one educational program, from enforcement to accident prevention to risk mitigation and claims reduction.

To accomplish this, it's important to identify and reach out to all at-risk contractors in a specific group, delivering a tailored message that will actually get opened and used, changing behavior.

This is Culver Company’s regular work

  • We simplify complex regulations.
  • We listen intently to your stated goals, and incorporate any unstated goals, too, to ensure that your program adheres to relevant industry best practices.
  • And we customize your public safety outreach program and materials to align with your utility’s unique culture and your at-risk audience’s unique needs and your brand.

If you need a cost-effective package for at-risk contractors that works—we can help you.