A Branded All-in-One Website

Do you need to reach more teachers in your service area?

Teachers are key partners for utilities because they are the beginning of the educational process that helps community outreach and public affairs managers reach students and parents.

Provide plenty of teacher-specific content on your website

We’ve found that a successful way to engage teachers is to link in-classroom activities with dynamic online content that’s curriculum based.

This ensures that teachers have everything they need to proceed, such as lesson plans and assessment tools, and web content that coordinates with the printed materials you supply for classroom use.

Our e-SMARTkids is an interactive public outreach website that makes it easy for you to expand your connection with teachers, parents, and kids.

Download this PDF brochure, A Branded All-in-One Website for Kids, Parents, and Educators, which tells the story of one utility’s successful experience with Culver Company. Then check out a few live e-SMARTkids website examples.