Stakeholder Engagement and Advanced Technology Result in New Public Safety Solutions

When you think of public safety, first responders immediately come to mind. These life-saving professionals are usually the first on the scene of an emergency and the main line of defense between utility-related hazards and the public. It’s no wonder regulations like RP 1162 identify these professionals as key stakeholders and mandate that utility companies make them aware of natural gas and electrical incident prevention and response tactics. And, while promoting awareness is an important element of compliance, a more comprehensive approach towards the education of first responders can have a greater effect on public safety.

One particular utility company that wanted to provide more in-depth safety education to first responders found itself restricted by limited staff resources and an expansive service area. Culver Company worked with the utility and key influencers in the company’s local first responder community to build an outreach program that offers wider access, encourages participation, and meets stakeholder needs. A key component is a comprehensive e-learning website with detailed educational modules, self-paced lessons, multimedia content, valuable testing, and completion certification. What’s more, the site is designed to support the company’s brand, reinforce their reputation for reliable energy services, and demonstrate their commitment to public safety.

The accompanying slideshow is an abbreviated version of a presentation introducing this e-learning website to firefighters at a regional U.S. conference. The slideshow includes narration recited from the speaker’s notes and offers a brief tour of the site and some of its key features. The e-learning resource is part of a larger safety outreach and risk management program developed by Culver Company that includes strategic communications, performance metrics, evaluation tools, and continuous improvement.


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