How to Win in Public Safety

The Utility Public Safety Alliance (UPSA) is the leading association of utility professionals dedicated to creating a culture of electrical and natural gas safety and incident prevention. The association held its annual meeting June 4–7, 2013, in San Francisco, California. Attendees included UPSA members and other utility industry leaders looking to bolster their safety efforts amidst mounting pressures from customers, regulators, and insurers.

We were invited to speak on June 6 and gave a presentation entitled, “How to Win in Public Safety.” You can download a copy of the presentation by clicking the image below or visiting our web page to watch the video of the presentation from the meeting.

How to Win in Public Safety Presentation PDF     How to Win in Public Safety Presentation Video

Despite a long tradition of public safety, the utility industry is grappling with the repercussions of several extremely serious accidents. Accordingly, I shared Culver Company’s experience creating a culture of accident prevention within utility companies and their service areas. I discussed methods for sharply reducing serious accidents and public fatalities. More than ever, when it comes to utility-related accidents, public outreach and prevention are far more cost effective business strategies than response and recovery. We’ve seen it work. You can substantially reduce dangerous behaviors by targeting key members of the public and measuring the resultant drop in minor and serious accidents.

The right measures are critical to understanding and quantifying the benefits of such sustainable strategies. What’s more, measures are essential if you’re to embed continuous improvement in your organization. These elements are crucial if you plan to foster a culture of accident prevention—a culture that benefits all stakeholders, both in- and outside of the company. I invite you to download and read our presentation and continue the dialogue by posting your comments and questions here on our blog.


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