Get More of Your Third-Party Contractors to Engage in Accident Prevention

Are people at your company looking for ways to increase contractor participation and awareness in your public safety outreach programs?

The best way to get more contractors to take action is through careful segmentation within the larger contractor audience. In doing outreach to 1.1 million at-risk contractors for utilities each year, we’ve seen that contractor-specific segmentation techniques make it possible to produce response rates that are more than ten times the industry average.

Our research indicates that contractors are inundated with communications and can be immune to messaging that isn’t specific to them. Unless the safety message immediately resonates with the individual contractor—speaking to their challenges—it is often ignored.

Utilities that segment their at-risk communications increase customer awareness and engagement—the data confirm this. If you are responsible for communicating public safety it’s beneficial to conduct “Pre-Outreach Research” to

1. narrow and differentiate the contractor audience segments;
2. frame the public safety messaging in a context that matters to each group, and
3. tailor the outreach channels and response-tracking mechanisms to each group.

Audience segmentation and messaging techniques result in increased, measurable participation by contractors. Tangible metrics demonstrate to auditors and management the effectiveness of your public safety outreach program. Ultimately, this leads to more lives saved and more accidents prevented.


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