5 Frequently Asked Questions About e-SMARTkids

Here are answers to questions we are often asked by utilities.


1. What if my utility already has games, videos, or other content on our website?

Over time, most utilities accumulate public education content in different places throughout their company website. e-SMARTkids is a framework that organizes all your public outreach education for kids, parents, and teachers in one up-to-date place where they (and you!) can find it easily.

e-SMARTkids can contain any combination of web content, whether it’s ours, yours, or from other sources. Your existing content for kids, teachers, and parents can be incorporated.

2. Can e-SMARTkids work for both energy efficiency and safety?

Sure. Your custom e-SMARTkids can focus on one subject, like energy efficiency. Or it can address multiple subjects, like the environment, renewable energy, energy efficiency, electrical safety, natural gas safety, water conservation, or utility careers.

3. Where does e-SMARTkids reside—on our server or Culver’s server?

Your customers experience e-SMARTkids seamlessly, just like any other area of your utility’s website.

The content is stored and maintained on Culver Company’s servers. Culver Company partners with you as your extended team to make your job easier.

What we can do for you:

  • Build the site to your specifications.
  • Make updates and changes over time.
  • Get your approval on changes before we publish them on your live site.
  • Analyze the web traffic metrics and provide you with reports.
  • Handle all the back-end technical, maintenance, and IT details.
  • Develop new content and designs to keep your customers coming back.
  • Fulfill teacher requests for classroom materials for you.
  • Create marketing materials and campaigns for you to drive traffic to e-SMARTkids.

Contact us.

4. In the “Ask an Expert” area of e-SMARTkids, how are questions collected from students in my service area and answered?

Questions that students submit are sent to Culver’s content team. We draft responses and send them to you for approval before posting them on your site for you. As new questions come in, older ones are moved to a “See Past Questions” archive.


5. Can I afford e-SMARTkids?

Since e-SMARTkids is customized for each utility, the cost varies. Utilities using e-SMARTkids range from 10,000 meters to over 1 million meters, so rest assured that we can be flexible and find a way to work within your budget.

Give us a call for an initial budgetary estimate for your utility.

More questions? We can help. Contact us.